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Common Problem

What types of services does TaoLink provide?

TaoLink provides numerous transportation services for global customers, see the core business column for details.

How long does it take for the consignee to receive the package after it is picked up by international express?

This depends on the type of service and the pickup and drop-off locations.

What if I don't know the destination postcode?

If you don't know the destination postcode, please check with the recipient or contact us. Incorrect zip codes will cause shipping delays and may incur unnecessary charges.

What are the loading skills?

  When a general enterprise exports, the main concern in the process of loading/loading the goods is the wrong data of the goods, the damage of the goods and the inconsistency between the data and the customs declaration data, which will cause the customs not to release the goods, or even transfer them to the anti-smuggling department. Therefore, the consignor, warehouse, and forwarder must cooperate closely before loading/loading the container to avoid this situation from happening.


  1. Goods of different shapes and different packages should not be packed together as much as possible;

  2. Goods that will leak dust, liquid, moisture, peculiar smell, etc. from the packaging should not be packed together with other goods as much as possible. As a last resort, use canvas, paint film or other materials to separate;

  3. Heavy cargo must not be stacked on top of light cargo. In most cases, the principle of stacking heavy cargo with light cargo must be followed;

  4. Goods with weak packaging strength should be placed on top of goods with strong packaging strength;

  5. Liquid goods and cleaning goods should be placed under other goods as much as possible;

  6. For goods with sharp corners or protruding parts, they need to be covered to avoid damage to other goods.

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