Core Business

Professional and high-quality sea and air cross-border logistics services

Air freight with DDP service

Air freight with DDP service can be fast, convenient and cost-saving. By integrating customs clearance and taxation into logistics services, the logistics costs and operational risks of cross-border e-commerce are greatly reduced, while logistics efficiency and service quality are improved, providing strong support for the efficiency of cross-border logistics.

Establish a multi-link cross-border logistics system: integrate domestic and international logistics resources and channels, and provide customers with one-stop logistics services.

Overseas warehouse: own overseas warehouse.

Customs clearance and taxation: Responsible for customs clearance and taxation procedures of goods to reduce customs clearance time and costs for customers, and provide cross-border tax consulting services.

Domestic distribution: cross-border logistics companies deliver goods from overseas warehouses back to China to achieve fast logistics for cross-border e-commerce.


Regular general trade declaration can be exported


Convenient delivery, solve a series of problems such as import and export customs clearance and tariffs for customers at one time, so that customers can save worry, effort and time


DDP includes taxes and arranges shipments through a consolidated method. It involves customs clearance and tax payment, resulting in lower overall transportation costs and exceptional cost performance.