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Professional and high-quality sea and air cross-border logistics services

Air Transport

Traditional international logistics air transport services have the advantages of fast speed and good timeliness, and are especially suitable for goods that require time. At the same time, international logistics air transport services are also facing challenges such as high costs and safety risks, and multi-party cooperation is required to jointly improve services. Quality, to ensure the safe and fast transportation of goods. Over the years, our company has been constantly exploring and innovating to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service quality to meet the diverse and individual needs of customers.

Booking space: The customer informs the freight forwarder or airline of the product name, weight, volume and other information of the goods to book the space.

Transportation arrangement: the freight forwarder or airline transports the goods to the airport, performs loading, stowage and other operations, and then transports the goods to the destination airport.

Customs clearance: After the goods arrive at the destination airport, the consignee or agent will be notified of the condition of the goods, and customs clearance procedures will be carried out.

Sorting and delivery: After the goods are cleared, they will be sorted and delivered, and the goods will be delivered to the consignee.


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