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Professional and high-quality sea and air cross-border logistics services

Ocean Shipping

In international logistics transportation, the channel for cargo transportation by sea. We are responsible for the entire logistics link, including shipment, unpacking, customs declaration, customs clearance, stowage and delivery of goods.

Full container shipping: After packing the goods into boxes, we will manage the entire transportation process, including the loading of goods, customs clearance, customs declaration, transportation and delivery.

LCL shipping: refers to packing the customer's goods together with other customers' goods in one box, and we will manage the entire transportation process. LCL shipping can reduce transportation costs, and at the same time, it can avoid the problem of being unable to carry out full container transportation due to insufficient quantity of goods.

Bulk cargo shipping: refers to directly loading the customer's goods on the ship for transportation, without the need for packing or LCL. Bulk cargo shipping is suitable for the transportation of large quantities of cargo or oversized cargo, but customs clearance and other procedures need to be considered.


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