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Professional and high-quality sea and air cross-border logistics services

Overseas Warehousing Service

Cross-border logistics overseas warehousing service refers to the service that cross-border e-commerce establishes warehouses abroad or rents third-party warehouses for the storage, management and distribution of goods. By establishing or renting warehouses abroad, cross-border logistics companies can enable cross-border e-commerce companies to have a localized warehousing and distribution system abroad to meet the needs of foreign consumers.

Improving service quality: Due to the establishment of localized warehousing and distribution systems abroad, it can better meet the needs of foreign consumers and improve customer satisfaction.

Fast distribution: Due to the establishment of localized warehousing and distribution systems abroad, the time of cross-border logistics can be greatly shortened, and the efficiency and speed of logistics can be improved.

Cost reduction: Overseas warehousing services can establish storage bases abroad to reduce the cost of storage and transportation of goods in China, and at the same time can better manage inventory and reduce inventory backlog.


Head transportation + warehouse management + tail delivery + special operations, what we provide is the overall solution for overseas warehouses


Overseas warehouse has rich functions: one-piece delivery, return and relabel, international delivery, overseas return, transit service, etc.


OMS/WMS system realizes refined management, real-time monitoring of inventory changes and order status


One-to-one customer service guidance, providing localized pre-sales and after-sales services


Special warehousing and distribution services, cleared by the French CDG, and can be delivered to the entire EU countries