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Taolink Channel Department Holds a Seminar on "Express Knowledge"




Taolink Channel Department Holds a Seminar on "Express Knowledge"


        Fuyong Headquarters, September 4th - The Channel Department of Taolink successfully held a seminar titled "Express Knowledge" on September 4th (Monday) from 9:30am to 12:00am in the 4th floor conference room of Fuyong Headquarters. The conference aims to explore the advantages, doubts, and difficulties of various international express delivery channels, and introduce how to optimize the nodes of customer concern.

        This seminar aims to enhance the understanding and response ability of all employees of Taolink in the international express delivery industry, improve the quality of express delivery services and customer satisfaction. The meeting invited the channel manager as the keynote speaker to conduct in-depth analysis of the current situation in the international express delivery industry.

        The attendees deeply discussed the advantages and difficulties of various channels of international express delivery, and introduced and optimized suggestions on the key points of customer concern. Explored the latest trends and challenges in the industry, and shared best practices within the industry.

        The channel manager introduced the competitive advantages of Taolink in the international express delivery industry and important points of customer concern. He pointed out that the Taolink focuses on speed, accuracy, and reliability in the express delivery service process, providing customers with a high-quality logistics experience. And detailed the optimization measures of joint logistics at each node to improve customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

        The successful holding of this seminar received positive responses and high praise from the attendees. Participants expressed that through this meeting, they have gained a deeper understanding of the international express delivery industry, obtained practical optimization suggestions, and expressed that they will actively apply them to their work to improve customer service levels.

        Taolink will continue to strengthen internal training and external communication, continuously improve the professional literacy and service level of its employees, and provide more efficient, convenient, and reliable international express delivery services to our customers.

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