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What is the difference between International Express and International Private Line?




What is International Express?


Broadly speaking, international express delivery refers to the express delivery and logistics business between two or more countries (or regions). Countries and countries (or regions) to pass letters, business documents and goods delivery business, that is, through the border crossing between countries and customs inspection of express delivery mode of release.

Everyone said the international courier, generally refers to the international four major express delivery - DHL (Sinotrans DHL), FedEx (U.S. FedEx), UPS (United States United Parcel) and TNT (Tian Tian Express)

    1, DHL, the world's largest international freight forwarding company, there is no one!

        Price: <20KG small packages, especially 5.5KG small packages below the         United States have price advantages

        Time Limit: If the normal time limit, it can be delivered to the world in 2-5 working days, Europe generally 3 working days, Southeast Asia generally 2 working days.

        Areas of strength: Advantageous in Europe, Southeast Asia and North         America.

    2. UPS

        Price: 100KG or more price is advantageous

        Timeliness: 2-4 working days for worldwide delivery if normal timeliness, and about 48 hours for delivery to the US.

        Advantageous regions: The strong regions are the United States, Canada, etc., which have the advantages of the best cost performance, fixed-point and regular tracking, and detailed inquiry records.

    3. FedEx

        Price: 21KG-99KG price is advantageous, especially in Southeast Asia large goods have advantages

        Timeliness: 2-4 working days to deliver worldwide if normal timeliness.

        Areas of strength: strong in Southeast Asia, more competitive prices in the Americas and Europe, more expensive elsewhere.

    4. TNT (acquired by Fedex)

        Price: 21KG-99KG price advantage, especially in Western European countries

        Timeliness: 3-6 business days for worldwide delivery.

        Region of strength: Western European States

What is an International Private Line?

It refers to the line to a specific country, there are air transport, sea transport, railway transport and other modes of transportation. It is the transportation service of domestic strong freight forwarding company independently developed and built a special route from domestic export to the target country.

The international special line will often be "double clear tax" in the form of the public's field of vision, which will be very different from the international courier, compared to the international courier is not responsible for the shortcomings of customs clearance and payment of taxes, it is the most important reason for many people to choose the international special line.

    1、Double clearing and tax inclusive

"Double Clearance" refers to the customs clearance in the exporting country (customs declaration) and the customs clearance in the destination country. Double Clearance also guarantees the normal export of the customs of the sending country and the customs clearance in the destination country. The "tax package" refers to the package of customs duty and other taxes in the destination country when clearing customs.

To put it plainly, you hand over the goods to the forwarding company, the forwarding company is responsible for arranging the trailer, customs clearance, with the ship/aircraft, the ship/aircraft to the destination port after the exchange of documents, customs clearance is the forwarding company to do, including the destination country of the delivery to the door.

    2、What are the benefits of the Double Clearance Duty Free Line?

        Save money:

        Freight forwarding is a collection mode of export, long-term operation will be and shipping companies, logistics companies to get a very cheap tariffs.

        Save your heart:

        This "one-stop" service is actually not required to provide any documents, no VAT and EORI number, and even customs declaration documents are handled by the freight forwarder, the amount of customs declaration by the freight forwarder to fill in the destination country tax points by the freight forwarder on behalf of the payment of the products into the warehouse can be.

        Sensitive goods available

    3. Disadvantages of double clearing package tax:

‍     For foreign trade companies:

        1、Real buyers and sellers can't claim import/export tax refunds

        2、If the buyer receives the goods and asks for import and export clearance information, there is no, so be sure to talk to foreign buyers in advance before using the service.

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