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Taolink Second Quarter Meeting




Taolink Second Quarter Meeting



        On July 18, 2023, Taolink successfully held its second-quarter quarterly meeting. The meeting brought together department heads from the Taolinks Marketing Department, Dongguan Branch, Guangzhou Public Company, Battery Division, Channel Department, Air Freight Department, Customer Service Department, and Finance Department. The purpose of the meeting was to recap the achievements of the past quarter and formulate work plans for the future quarter. The aim was to strengthen collaboration and communication between departments and lay a solid foundation for the company's development. The meeting took place in the third-floor conference room in Fuyong and was hosted by General Manager Ms. Zeng.


        The meeting commenced with roll call, followed by department heads presenting their respective summaries and plans. Subsequently, a dedicated session was allocated for cross-departmental issues, and the problems raised by each department were comprehensively analyzed and discussed. The agenda of this meeting not only showcased the work results of each department in the past quarter but also provided valuable suggestions and improvement plans for the identified issues and challenges. Departments were encouraged to enhance communication, jointly address cross-business problems, improve service quality, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


        At the end of the meeting, Ms. Zeng delivered a concluding speech, summarizing the achievements of the past quarter and expressing her expectations for all attendees. She emphasized that Taolink would further strengthen teamwork, continually improve service quality and efficiency, and provide customers with high-quality one-stop logistics solutions. She looked forward to everyone arranging their work in advance and diligently implementing the work plan based on the consensus reached during the meeting. Through joint efforts, greater accomplishments can be achieved.

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