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Outstanding Business Newcomer Award for the First Half of 2023




Outstanding Business Newcomer Award for the First Half of 2023


        In the first half of 2023, we have witnessed the rapid development and great achievements of Taolink together. In this challenging era, our company has always maintained strong vitality and forward-looking development vision, steadily advancing with outstanding performance and good reputation. Especially, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, we have the honor to see many business newcomers showing their talent and making great contributions to the vigorous development and brilliant achievements of the company.


        To recognize these business newcomers who have shown outstanding performance in the first half of 2023 with their professional skills and diligent efforts, Taolink has established the "Outstanding Business Newcomer Award for the First Half of 2023", and hereby expresses the highest respect and great praise to them.


        At the award ceremony, we must bear in mind the development philosophy of Taolink and give these business newcomers more honor and responsibility. Our company not only has professional experience and skills in business but also has the characteristics of scale and channel diversity and safety and stability. Our management team is proficient in industry knowledge, dedicated and diligent, always putting customer needs first. Through pragmatic actions, tenacious spirit, and innovative ideas, we continue to develop in the market competition and win widespread recognition and trust.


        It is under such a background that our business newcomers continuously improve their own ability level and play important and glorious roles in their respective positions. They have shown the high quality of Taolink's talents and the excellence of business level with their own wisdom and talents. Because of them, we have more confidence and confidence in the company's business competition, and then achieve higher performance goals and deeper market expansion.


        Therefore, we extend sincere thanks to these business newcomers and hope that they will always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "achievements come from professionalism, diligence, and hard work", continuously strive, and continuously improve, creating more outstanding performance and making more important contributions to the future development of Taolink.


        Finally, let us wish these outstanding newbies success in their future work and life, and hope that they can better tap their potential in their respective positions and fields, laying a more solid foundation for the high-quality development of Taolink's talents and business. 

Taolink people are passionate and never forget their love and generosity

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