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Taolink people are passionate and never forget their love and generosity




Taolink people are passionate and never forget their love and generosity




        At the beginning of June, the child of an employee of Tankink was born prematurely and suffered from congenital Pulmonary atresia. The family had to pay high medical expenses. After learning the news, the company quickly took action and organized a fundraising event, calling on all employees to actively respond. In just a few days, Taolink successfully raised tens of thousands of yuan in medical funds, providing strong assistance and support to the employee's family.

        The fundraising event, with the theme of "everyone picking up firewood and flames rising high," achieved very positive results. It is reported that there is no threshold for the company's donation activities. Among the donors, several employees expressed that their families have also faced the same difficulties and deeply felt the helplessness and anxiety caused by such difficulties. Therefore, they are willing to contribute to this employee's family. An employee said, "Taolink is a big family, we share it together and stay warm together. We hope the employees' children can recover as soon as possible.

        After the event, the employee expressed his sincere gratitude: "Thank you to the company and employees for their help and support. At this critical moment, everyone extended a helping hand. Both the company leaders and ordinary colleagues have given us great encouragement and strength. The gratitude is indescribable, and we will strive to win this battle.

        This fundraising event not only showcases Taolink's sense of social responsibility and mutual assistance among employees, but also conveys positive energy of humanistic care such as integrity, responsibility, and dedication. In the future, Taolink will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "poverty alleviation and benevolence transmission", and use practical actions to convey more love and warmth.


June 21, 2023

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